When it comes to your house roof, there are some certain facts you should know about asphalt tiles. As we are talking about a special part of your house, this is a job that takes a lot of thinking before it is done.

You should take your time to think about the different factors that can affect your residence, as the weather conditions of the area where you live. So you should be able to know about how different materials react to manage choosing the right one that will give you the best results and also the lifespan you want.

Always remember that it is best to take an opinion from a professional team, that has a project portfolio, so you have the ability to see samples of their job. Their expertise and knownledge on the field will bring you the desired results in everything you want for your residence roofs. Below we will present you with some certain facts about asphalt tiles. that are going to make you take the right decision.

Asphalt tiles are very easy to repair

In facts you should know about asphalt tiles, as mentioned above, they are much lighter than other traditional roofing materials. They are also more malleable and easy to handle. This means, of course, that installing them on the roof is an easy task for an experienced technician. At the same time, however, it means that they are easier to repair, in case they show damage or alterations.

An experienced roofing technician will be able to fix the problem in the asphalt tiles of your house, immediately and easily. Of course, this also means that the price for repairing a roof made of asphalt tiles is not very high. This is an advantage that can be useful, especially if your budget is low.

They are not very resistant to stress

Asphalt tiles have high resistance to cold and heat, as mentioned above. However, this presupposes that they have been placed correctly on the roof. The problem is that they need a lot of attention until they are installed. Asphalt tiles contain fiberglass.

Thanks to this material, they are malleable and easy to handle. But at the same time, it makes them sensitive and they are likely to tear, if you are not careful when transporting and placing them. This is also one of the main disadvantages of asphalt tiles, unlike French tiles. However, once placed on the roof and nailed, there is no longer a risk of them tearing.

A flat substrate is required for their installation

Many people wonder if you can place asphalt tiles on concrete, or other materials, without having to worry too much about the substrate. However, this can not be done. Another disadvantage of asphalt tiles is that they must have a flat substrate, where they are nailed. The substrate for asphalt tiles is usually made of wood, either O.S.B., plywood, or rabbit wood.

The thickness for the substrate must also be suitable for laying asphalt tiles. Usually, a thickness of between 12 and 18 cm is considered acceptable. Consult a professional roofer, to suggest the best substrate for the needs of your home, to avoid such disadvantages of asphalt tiles.

They are unsuitable for roofs with a slight slope

If you want the roof of your house to be completely waterproof, you must use the appropriate building and cladding materials. In the case of asphalt tiles, there is the disadvantage of limiting to a specific slope. The minimum slope that can be placed asphalt tile, without sealing problems, is about 20%.

Below this level, asphalt tiles have disadvantages in terms of tightness and installation. Therefore, this is another factor that you should consider before choosing building materials for the roof of your home. Obviously, if your roof has a slope of more than 20%, you can easily install asphalt tiles, so there is no disadvantage for you.

You need to buy more tiles than you need

Laying asphalt tiles is an easy task for an experienced professional. However, until they are installed on your roof, asphalt tiles are relatively delicate and can tear in the process. Thus, it is necessary to buy more meters of tiles than your roof needs to be covered.

For example, if your roof needs 100 square meters of tiles to be covered, then it is good to get more meters. So, in case some asphalt tiles tear, or wear, you will have the substitutes ready. Of course, this is not one of the only disadvantages of asphalt tiles. Applies to most building materials you can put on your roof.

Facts you should know about asphalt tiles

We hope having help you in taking the right desicion about installing or not asphault tiles in your residence roof. Throught this article you find some useful facts you should know about asphalt tiles and the use of them. Also, when it’s the right time to install them. Remember that every home is unique and has different needs.

If you think that you are not sure about what you should do, then it is time to call for a roofing specialist team. It will guide you throught the different solutions there are in the area. Also they will use their expertise in the field so you can have the best result after the job is done.


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