Copper Gutter System Half Round in New Jersey

Gikas Roofing has been installing gutter systems in Montclair New Jersey and surrounding areas since early 1980.

Why Copper Gutters and Downspouts?

– Copper gutters are the perfect accent to your home, they look beautiful, and they last a lifetime.
Copper is also an algaecide and fungicide, and as a result this prevents moss and other growth from forming blockages in the system that must be cleaned regularly.

Yankee Box Gutter System

Yankee Box Gutter System1

Gikas Roofing has been building and restoring yankee gutters in Montclair New Jersey since early 1980.

Yankee gutters often called Box or Build-in gutters, are perfectly fits on any style of old and historical home in New Jersey, whether you have a Victorian, Greek Revival, Georgian style or Dutch colonial home, and they are part of the architecture of the house.
The yankee copper lined gutters have over 100 years life span.

Why to restore my yankee gutter system to its original shape?

They look amazing on the traditional houses and they have a long life span. However they are costly to build or to restore them.

Aluminum Seamless K-Style Gutter System

Aluminum Seamless K Style Gutter System21

K-Style Aluminum Seamless Gutters, are the most common choice among homeowners around Montclair in the State of New Jersey.
There are a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from.

Why to install Aluminum seamless K-Style Gutters and downspouts?

They are easy to install, they fit very well in the modern houses, they have a very competitive price.
Life span approx. 20 years.