Montclair Roofing follows a certain method for interior roof repair when the roof covering works reliably and does not require replacement, but it is necessary to replace the damaged sealing membrane and the poorly installed insulation. Also, this method is useful for those who want to turn a cold useless attic into an insulated habitat attic.

When repairing a roof from the inside, Montclair Roofers work from the inside. Therefore, the roofing project does not depend on the weather, but the residents will have to withstand the noise, dirt and dust or move during the interior roof repair.


The projects are analyzed in a series of 5 successive steps:

  1. The builders are dismantling the interior decoration of the roof.
  2. Remove the old vapor barrier, insulation and cut the sealing membrane.
  3. To form a ventilation gap, from the inside, a spacer bar 50-60 mm thick is attached to the roof step in the middle of the beam opening.
  4. Then, returning from the top of the beam leg 40-50 mm, place the diffusion membrane by rolling the roll between the beams. The membrane is fastened to the legs of the beam with tightening strips with nails or self-tapping screws. Because the separator bar is slightly thicker, it will form a ventilation gap and a slope of the membrane from the beams in the middle of the beam opening.
  5. Further, between the beams, thermal insulation is placed and a vapor barrier film is placed with adhesive coatings and supports on the walls.


Important! The method is suitable for the repair of simple sloping roofs without valleys… Provide ventilation of the space under the roof through a eaves or additional roof ventilation elements. For this type of repair, only high-strength films should be used.

The construction market offers a variety of building materials for the reconstruction and insulated roof repair. When choosing a vapor barrier and humidity and windproof membranes, follow the time-tested solutions from established manufacturers. Do not forget to seal complex nodes and overlaps. To do this, Montclair Roofing uses sealing strips and adhesives. This is the only way to construct a comfortable and durable roofing.


How to properly repair the roof of a house to change it into an attic

As you know, the “extra” square meters are not unnecessary and in modern reality there are only two ways to catch them – to buy or build. Buying nowadays not everyone can afford it and the “pleasure” of construction is not that cheap.

However, Montclair citizens still manage to build houses on their own or, at worst, change them to suit their needs, which are wide and high.

The buildings are mainly in the past, because any such “engineering masterpiece” occupies the northern territory of the area, although not large, without significantly increasing the area of the house itself.

Therefore, the best solution is still to increase the residential roof with the help of superstructures and any kind of changes to the roof for the attic. It is the construction of the attic roof with all the, as they say, “emerging” and additional works, and will become the subject of our current correspondence conversation.


Where to start constructing an attic roof

First you have to imagine what exactly you want to construct. It is imperative to make a project or a detailed plan, according to which the installation will take place next.

A work plan is also extremely necessary, which will describe in detail all the stages of future roof repair work. Do you think this is a waste of time? Not at all. This will allow you to avoid annoying mistakes and repeat the same mistakes that have already been done.

It will be enough just to follow a clearly studied and written plan. In general, good planning leads to minimization of risks, time and financial costs. Ask Montclair Roofing for a free estimate!


Dismantling of the old roof

It does not matter what kind of roofing materials were used for the roof. Whether it has sheets of metal, slate, ceramic or asphalt tiles – everything is removed with great care. Having completed the dismantling of the roof, Montclair Roofers proceed to the dismantling of the beam structures, after first removing the insulation and sealing (if any).

Montclair Roofing experts save a lot of time and effort compared to working with a hammer and nail. Put aside a good timber, it may still be useful. The next stage of disassembly will be the disassembly of the gable of the house. As a rule (especially in old houses), the gables are placed with bricks. In such projects, you should not rush.

The Montclair Roofers will give you practical tips on how to quickly, without much effort and most importantly, without risking being under a pile of bricks, to disassemble the gable. This will require a professional workshop.

Believe me, the old brick gable of the house is dismantled with a bang. By the way, disassembling the wooden gable is also not that difficult, but do not try in any case to speed up the process and tear down everything in one go. The consequences can be very devastating.


Reinforcement of the walls around the roof perimeter

After complete disassembly, carefully inspect the top of the roof perimeter wall. You yourself understand that it is very undesirable to carry out installation, leaning on the walls of the house in the presence of any defects. So if you find one, ask to fix it. The most common defect is cracks in the corners of the house.

Once everything needed has been purchased for the roof repair according to the list, roofers proceed directly to the installation of the attic constructing the roof of your house.


Roof repair tips and tricks

If the reconstruction is carried out on a flat roof, then it is important to properly organize the slopes along which water will drain into the drainage system. This shade will increase the life of the roof and help you in a simpler and easier repair process. The simplest option for creating such a slope is the wedge insulation boards that are placed at the base of the roof or in a layer of insulation, it is important to create a slope of 1.5%. If it is possible to withstand such a slope, the water does not stop and is well discharged, which helps to maintain the roofing material as much as possible.

If the roof was not previously insulated, then to install the appropriate layers, it is necessary to completely disassemble the roofing pie. If the roof is partially insulated, whole and undamaged material can be left and the rest replaced.


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