At Montclair Roofing, we provide roof installation, roof repair and gutter installation and repair services throughout Cedar Grove NJ and the surrounding New Jersey areas. Our company, Montclair Roofing with its 20 years of experience in the field of construction, is distinguished for its impeccable design, high quality materials and special construction technology.

The specialized Cedar Grove Roofers of our company undertake to carry out anything related to the roof repair or roofing construction of your property. By choosing us you will have the right choice of materials for properly insulated tiled roofs with perfect aesthetic consistency in the aforementioned delivery time and always at the best market price. Our goal is immediate service, customer satisfaction after our cooperation!

Do not hesitate to contact Cedar Grove Roofers for any roofing construction you want for your home or business.

What roofing services Cedar Grove Roofers offer?

Montclair Roofing is active in the field of construction of all types of roofs and interior and exterior configurations as well as other services for many years. Many years of experience as well as the unique constructions, make us one of the best in the field.

  • Tiled roofs
  • Pergolas
  • Interior and exterior constructions
  • Roofs
  • Lofts
  • Roof insulation
  • Roof panel
  • Siding
  • Facades

New roof construction in Cedar Grove New Jersey

Cedar Grove Roofers undertake the design, construction and repair of any roof with all kinds of tiles. We suggest solutions for the proper construction and configuration of your professional or private home.

The construction of the roof is mainly made of wooden base and the advantages it offers are varied. Protects our home from rain, snow, humidity and the heat of the sun.

Cedar Grove Roofers construct and repair roofs in homes, businesses, cottages, hotels, churches, warehouses and wherever you ask us.

Construction of wooden roofs – attics in Cedar Grove New Jersey

Cedar Grove Roofers constructs wooden roofs and wooden attics to offer your space a warm, healthy and lively environment. Always guided by the needs and requirements of the customer but also the construction peculiarities of the building, we carefully study and design the roof – attic, always offering the best possible solutions to your needs.

For the correct construction of a wooden roof – attic we always use materials of excellent quality such as thermal insulation and breathable membrane so that moisture does not pass inside the house. The roof can be installed horizontally or on sloping concrete.

Complete restorations in Cedar Grove New Jersey

Montclair Roofing restore houses and outdoor spaces, without altering their character and architecture. Cedar Grove Roofers use environmentally friendly materials, such as stone and wood.

Apart from their perfect beauty, roofing constructions offer absolute insulation and seismic protection, which is why they have aroused great interest from US designers and engineers. We also undertake the restoration of churches, bridges, historical monuments.

High quality Montclair Roofing services

Montclair Roofing is addressed to all those who wish to construct or proceed to a roof repair of their professional space or home. Cedar Grove Roofers are willing to give you solutions to your problems and to satisfy your every wish.

Our specialized Cedar Grove Roofers will propose construction solutions and materials that are tailored to the needs of our customers for the roof, tiled roof or pergola, depending on the budget, style and color of construction and the architectural requirements of the local New Jersey environment.

Today, our clientele spreads throughout Montclair and all New Jersey areas, completing any demanding roofing project whether it is a commercial building or a house. Together we will design and create, presenting an ideal result.

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Cedar Grove Roofers visit your place and offer preferential prices, 100% adapted to the data and the requirements of the time, for the repair, maintenance and construction of roofs of top standards.

We pay special attention to detail and our trained Cedar Grove roofers guarantee the best results. Give us a call now and we will provide you with an accurate estimate for your Montclair roofing project.

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