In this post we are going to explain you the basic concept, of how to convert a roof into an attic. Supposing you are the lucky ones that has a roof and they want to make use of it. Surely, why not;

Converting a roof into an attic is a relatively easy process, talking about terms of professionals and mechanics and not from the aspect of a simple man that like the DIY stuff. Of course first of, we should check for the right space, one that is suitable for the conversion work. The attic, after all, is something we all dreamed of living as children when we saw it in the movies. So find out what you need before proceeding with the work and expenses at Montclair.

Reasons for converting your roof into an attic

In addition to realizing your childhood dreams, turning a roof into an attic is still an extra space in the house. This way it is easy to separate the children’s rooms, or to create a “sanctuary” for the. Difficult times. If the space is large, even a small independent house can be created for the older members of the family. Use every bit and you will not lose!

Finally, there is an increase in the sale price of your residence. By converting a roof into an attic, the total value of your home increases by 20%.

What should you check for converting a roof into an attic

The first thing you need to check for the attic should be the height that exists between the floor and the top of the ceiling. It is necessary for this height to be at least 2.8 meters to create an attic. Only in this way, as soon as the necessary construction work for the conversion and strengthening of the space is completed, will you be able to stand upright in the attic.

This is because the existing beams are reinforced even more and height is removed from the total space of the room. Also think if you want to reinforce the room with thermal insulation, because this will subtract from the overall width of the room.

What you should not forget about anything is to choose the ladder that best suits the space. The ladder you choose needs to be safe and easy to use. Folding stairs save space but can cause serious problems.

Indicatively, for a relatively comfortable room you will need at least 25 square meters available. Next step is assessment of the roof by an engineer.

What does the engineer check for converting your roof into an attic

The process is no different from a home renovation permit. The engineer, in addition to supervising the work, during his research needs to make sure of the following:

  • Architecture study
  • Static and seismic study
  • Roof insulation reinforcement
  • Complete plumbing and electrical installation
  • Complete mechanical installation
  • Brick masonry that provides internal insulation
  • Frames with double glazing, screens and shutters

All the above will be submitted by the engineer to the town planning. This is for the issurance of the building amd also to take the permission to start the work. Keep in mind that in order for the building permit to be issued, the total square meters of the house must not exceed the square meters specified by the town planning.

3 marvelous ideas about converting a roof into an attic

Wooden loft

A very good idea is to line the interior of your attic with wood pieces. You can put light wooden furniture and also, light fabrics. The result in the end will be a warm place for all hours and surely of the favourite once of the whole family.

Also it can be the best choice for a guest house, as it has natural elements that gonna make your guests have a good stay in your home, feeling just like they where in their own.

Attic in earth tones

There are many times where the attic ends up being a small room od our residence. In a case like this, do not burden it by using bright colors and dark shades. The best practice is to play with earthy colors. Also you can add some decorations in more intense tones, if you want to have a result that is going to be relaxing and stylish.


Attic with a view

A very good idea, in case that your residence has a nice view, is to replace a wall in the attic with windows. The attic can keep your privacy, as soon as it is far from the prying eyes. So, you manage to have a room with a perfect view, but with the silence you enjoy. Another solution to this is by putting on skylights and taking advantage of the morning light and the evening sky too.

There are many different practices we can follow in Converting a roof into an attic. First of all you should try to imagine about the look you want it to have. There are many styles to choose from. Select the materials, the colors and decoration that you want for your space. As it is a job to be done once in a lifetime, you should take your time to explore everything around it.

Remember that this something to be done carefully. You will need a mechanic and of course the right pro, with a crew that has the proper equipment for a job like this. Always check about the previous job for the professional that you are gonna choose. We are here to bring you with the best results. Contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

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