At Montclair Roofing, we provide roof installation, roof repair and gutter installation and repair services throughout Glen Ridge NJ and the surrounding New Jersey areas.

Glen Ridge Roofers have been working for many years according to the strictest standards in the field of construction and especially in the construction of tiled roofs, pergolas, wooden roofs, gutters, etc. The excellent quality of materials, our taste and taste can guarantee you excellent results for your own home.

Glen Ridge Roofers undertake with responsibility the following roofing services:

  • Glen Ridge roof installation: Roofs for every taste and with the tile of your choice.
  • Glen Ridge roof repairs: Glen Ridge Roofers undertake the repair or the complete reconstruction of your commercial and house roof.

Roof constructions in Glen Ridge NJ

Roofs are the shelters of most buildings that are made mainly of wooden base. The tiled roofs offer many advantages in terms of insulation of the building from the climatic conditions, but also in its aesthetic side since roofing gives the building personality and uniqueness.

Montclair Roofing having a long course in the field of roofing, can offer you unique solutions for the appropriate construction and configuration of the tiled roof of your home or business space.

With consistency and professionalism, Glen Ridge Roofers can undertake the design, construction, maintenance and repair of tiled roofs with all kinds of tiles, depending on the preferences and style you want to give to your building. All the roofs that we have constructed in Montclair and in areas all over New Jersey stand out for the impeccable design, the high quality of materials we use and the special construction technology.

Pergolas and kiosks in Glen Ridge NJ

Pergolas and kiosks provide shade to the building, while protecting it from rain and wind. Certainly the pergolas and the kiosks can beautify your space since they can be made in the dimensions you want and cover all the needs of you and your space have.

Thanks to our long course in the field of roofing, our company, Montclair Roofing can undertake and carry out any construction of pergola or kiosk you wish in your home or business, serving Montclair and all New Jersey areas by arrangement.

Our experienced Glen Ridge Roofers can suggest you and construct pergolas or kiosks of high aesthetics that will transform your space into a beautiful aesthetically pleasing space. The covering of the wooden pergola or the kiosk can be done with tiles of your choice or with asphalt tiles to suit you and the style you want to give to your space.

Constructing canopies in Glen Ridge NJ

Canopies are made in order to protect the exposed points of the exterior of each building. Montclair Roofing undertakes with consistency and professionalism to build shelters in your home or business space always at the most competitive prices.

With consistently and professionally Glen Ridge Roofers construct canopies for windows, entrances as well as canopies of any type, offering your space a beautiful and unique result. Our experienced staff can suggest you wooden canopies that will be an ideal solution for housing entrances and windows for your building.

Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements but also the construction peculiarities of your building so that we can carefully study and design your roof, always offering you the best possible solutions to your needs.

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Glen Ridge Roofers visit your place and offer preferential prices, 100% adapted to the data and the requirements of the time, for the repair, maintenance and construction of roofs of top standards.

We pay special attention to detail and our trained Glen Ridge Roofers guarantee the best results. Give us a call now and we will provide you with an accurate estimate for your Montclair roofing project.

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