A roof leak with signs of leakage is not a reason for despair and calculation of the upcoming costs of roof repair in Montclair. Nor should you relax, because the consequences of even a small defect can lead to a dramatic damage to the interior and exterior of the house and property. Moisture is the enemy of a wooden system of beams and electrical cables running through the attic, the proximity of moisture with which it is really dangerous.

Therefore, in the first manifestations of wetting of the walls and ceiling, you must take immediate measures to eliminate them. In a number of cases, the homeowner can successfully repair the roof with his own hands. However, Montclair Roofing is the best profession approach for roof repair.

Leaks are a clear sign of a malfunction in the roof system. This is a typical indicator of the occurrence of an emergency, regardless of the degree of wetting of the building structures. Even a minor leak, which will certainly increase over time, can not go unnoticed by the experts in Montclair. It is necessary to address the defects of the roof in a timely manner.

Conditions for a major roof repair

The list of reasons for roof leaks is quite extensive. There are prerequisites for major changes and cosmetic repairs that are quite affordable to the homeowner. It is advisable to outsource the roof restoration to a roofing construction company. Read below 7 design errors and defects in the roof structure that show you need roof repair:

  1. Wrongly chosen roof, unsuitable for the type of roof and the steep slope of the slopes.
  2. Errors in the location of the layers of the roof cake and in the choice of materials for its construction.
  3. Incorrect calculation of the pitch of the beam legs, slips on the case device.
  4. Lack of eaves fins, eaves, insufficient ventilation in the ridge area.
  5. Violations of roofing technology, which can not be corrected during the current roof repair.
  6. Significant violations in the arrangement of the supports and sections of the roof with pipes and other communications.
  7. Properly designed gutters that do not provide complete water drainage.

Factors that signal the need for roof repair also include the use of low-quality materials and fasteners, which are more often caused by a typical desire to save money.

The cause of roof leaks can be defects not only in the design of the roof, but also in the house as a whole. For example, if the movement of the foundation or the natural instability of the wooden walls is not taken into account, distortion of the roof structure can be caused. As a result, violation of the tightness of the joints, displacement of joints, appearance of cracks, rupture and destruction of the roofing material.

Scope of ongoing roof repair work

In addition to serious design errors, there are typical causes of leaks, which can be eliminated with cosmetic roof repairs. Roofs must be constantly maintained in proportion to all building structures. To do this, you do need to contact the Montclair Roofing for the following roof repair projects:

  • Repair of a damaged area or part of the roof.
  • Restoration of the tightness of the connection of the elements of the roof structure.
  • Application of patches at points that leak in the coating or seal.
  • Replacement of worn or poor quality connectors.
  • Gutter repair.

Montclair Roofers can eliminate minor defects in tar and polymer roofing materials. The simplest tasks for the repair of roofs covered with sheet metal and metal pebbles are quite available. Special difficulties will not be caused by a handmade repair of tile and slate, if you know the technological details of working with the mentioned types of coatings. An important circumstance is the precise definition of the cause and location of the leak.

Classification of roof leaks

Based on the time and frequency of leaks, roofers divide them into three categories, these are:

  1. Leaks that accompany the release of liquid atmospheric rainfall. Wet traces or sincere “dripping” appear directly during or shortly after the rain. They usually flow with them along the supports that have lost their sealing, in areas with poor roof penetration arrangement, in places where water accumulates. On a flat roof, such a defect is simply identified: it is located just below the hole in the roof. With sloping structures, everything is much more complicated, because water can flow in one place and get wet in another.
  2. Leaks that occur during the thawing of solid sediments. Signs of their appearance are found in valleys, along ledges, around gutters and near gutters. Those. in places where melt water accumulates, the flow of which is blocked by ice.
  3. Leaks associated with insulation wetting. Most often they occur in the summer heat. Due to the significant difference between the outside temperature and a similar parameter, the condensate accumulates in the thickness of the insulation, the excess of which can be “discarded” by the vapor barrier film. The second reason for their appearance is damage or errors in the sealing device.

The first type of leakage is more common than homeowners who decide to repair their own roof with their own hands. In most cases, their actions are to restore the roof. The second type requires thorough cleaning or repair of the drainage system, the third – recalculation of the thickness of the thermal insulation with significant alterations.

Proper diagnosis is the key to success

The first step towards completing a successful roof repair will be a detailed inspection of the condition of the roof system. Visual inspection in most simple cases allows you to detect a leak and find damaged areas. It is true that it is only suitable for detecting defects in the outer layers of the roof cake. Violations inside a multi-layer filling can only be detected by experienced craftsmen, like Montclair Roofing.

The diagnosis must be made in two stages:

  1. Inspection of the roof system from the attic. You should check the condition of the case, if any, of the beams, the floor, the Mauerlat, if it is not behind the housing. Wet, swollen areas do not need to be scrutinized, they are immediately visible. The presence of leakage is also easily recognized by characteristic changes in the color of the wood: discoloration or the appearance of dark spots. If the first visual inspection does not bring results, it is worth waiting for the rain and climbing into the attic as long as it goes. Wet spots will tell you in which direction to look for a hole in the roof system.
  2. Inspection of the outside of the roof. You need to prepare well for this, especially if you need to explore a high-sloping roof. You need to store comfortable clothes, non-slip shoes, a reliable ladder with a strong hook to attach it to the skate. The external examination begins with the ridge, gradually lowering the ledge. They study the condition of penetrations in the roof, supports, inspect valleys, drainage gutters and internal drainage points.

It is wonderful if, as a result of the research, it turns out that the roof leaks due to the typical stagnation of water due to blockage of drainage channels and hoppers. This is because none of the final roofing coatings yet have one hundred percent waterproofing properties. All work then consists of cleaning the water drainage paths and repairing their leaks.

You may need to install gutters in the valleys of a soft roof, for example, if the waterproofing mat used to arrange them does not meet its duties. It is possible that a small overhaul of the drainage and ventilation system will be required with the installation of protective nets in the gutters, air ducts and hoppers.

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